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about us

What is MMC-CO?

MMC stands for Cooperation and Investments, as indicated by the name. 

The acronym MMC is derived from the founder Marc Müller and its origins as a consulting company.

Why English in the name? MMC operates internationally and is deeply rooted in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Technical English is, besides German, the most important language of communication.

What does the logo mean? The initials "M" and "C" are stylistically interpreted as a triangle. In consulting, the triangle symbolizes the following:

                  Analysis  —  Measures  —  Control

The history chronologically:

1992 Founding of a sales distribution of industrial lubricants and liquid filtration


       by 3M

1996 Expansion of the business area to consultation in QM systems according

       to DIN ISO 9001

2003 Project management and management in mechanical engineering later 

        across industries with international projects (e.g. in USA, England, Austria,

       Hungary, Romania, ...)

2005 Guild representative for the district craftsmanship and the Chamber o     

        Industry and Commerce

2009 Initially investment later takeover of Madawa Signage and Engravings.

        From this, industrial services emerged later.

2011 Membership on the board of a statutory health insurance as an employer

       representative and alternating chairman of the objections committee

2018 Chairman of the board of directors and member of the state association

       and member of the finance and constitution committee

2013 Participation in the research project "PROMIDIS" of the Federal Ministry 

       of Education and Research 


2018 Financial involvement in a Babor Excellence Institute

2021 Lecturer at the University of Magdeburg for Business Administration and

       Quality Management.